Public Relations

Our history of successful public relations efforts is one of the most satisfying of all of Kreativo’s efforts.  We recognize the need for skilled public relations in many situations from small animal shelters to large manufacturing facilities, nonprofit organizations to government departments.  We bring all the creativity, urgency and professionalism we employ in our other agency services with the additional desire to help those who are misunderstood, slighted, or wrongly blamed by the media and are suffering from a weak or damaged public image.

Public Involvement

Kreativo Public Involvement is a corporative team of professionals who have the expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to inspire successful and two-way public participation in environmental and financial studies, transportation and large construction projects and other timely concerns, issues and opportunities. We support our clients’ view that public involvement in, and information about, a public project is a cornerstone of a successful effort.

Marketing & Advertising

A Kreativo marketing plan is an efficient, tangible and personalized map for a business or organization wanting efficient and clear pathways to success.

At Kreativo we listen and think, do any necessary research and then develop advertising and media buys that produce results.  We are creative, educated, experienced and practical with our approach to solving our client’s problems and fulfilling their opportunities. 

Our small and spirited team understands goals and budgets as we develop concepts, write and produce advertising on the Internet, Social Media, Television, Radio, in Newspapers, on Billboards, Flyers, Posters and specialty items.


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Kreativo has raised more than $500 million for its clients in its 39-year history.  Kreativo's fundraising history began in the 1980’s with raising money for hospitals, children’s homes, animal shelters and wellbeing for pets, libraries, art centers, capital campaigns, school programs, healthy children programs, disaster relief, humanitarian and environmental causes, public parks, cures for diseases, etc.  We have the education, experience and passion to research and develop the styles of fundraising that will be most effective, based on the needs of individual clients.

We have the experience necessary to ensure our clients will have fundraising success.  We know when and how to ask for donations of money or other resources from the individual, businesses, charitable foundations or governmental agencies as well as how to form partnerships for greater results.We are professional fundraisers and have a clear code of ethics.  We charge a fair and uniform fee for our services, never working on percentage-based compensation.  Please look over some of our
campaigns and give us a call.

Classroom Programs

Glenn Ballantyne has degrees in sociology and music. From elementary classroom teacher to university instructor, Glenn has been an educator for all of his adult life.  Glenn has authored and taught several classroom programs, the latest to bring yoga and music together to teach students how to relax and listen.  Visit the "About" page on his website for more details about how you can become involved.